Sunday, October 9, 2016

An Autumn Wonder : Schwarzwald (Black Forest)

Let the adventure begin. Stunning, unique wonders of nature scattered across triangle delimited by the lively university city of Frieburg ; Triberg, cuckoo clock capital in the north; and the charming river-valley city of St Blasien in the southeast.

The varied views of boundless expanses evoke a sense of freedom that photos and words are unable to reproduce.

The Schwarzwald (Black Forest) gets its name from its dark, slightly sinister canopy of evergreens: this is where Hansel and Gretel encountered the wicked witch

I didn’t manage to see all of it since the scenery is simply too impressive to be rushed through. 

If you’re looking to be amazed by your surroundings, and also interested in seeing something that not all tourists know about, head on to the forest and camp there for a night.

and it certainly might cross your mind that this is a place that you will never want to leave.

The summer crowds have thinned by then, and the spectacle of fall color that began in late September is still in full swing. As the red leaves and the rusts and yellows of maple turn the park into a cornucopia of color. Autumn leaves start falling like rain.

In fall there's only one word needed to describe the landscape - yellow. Bright golden aspens contrast starkly with evergreens, causing many to flock to the area in September, earlier than usual due to high elevations.

Oh look what I spotted, Birds frolicking against the beautiful fall backdrop.

And this one was chirping cheerfully and setting up postcard goals.

When the larch trees’ needles turn amber, you know that fall is almost through and to quote the Starks of Winterfell " Winter Is Coming." !!