Friday, January 22, 2016

Portuguese Corridor !!

Only reason we chose to visit Lisbon and stay at nearby Beach town was our temptation and urge to get some sunshine in March, but believe me we got plenty of add-ons.

Relaxing beaches, ancient castles and delicious wines, are just a few of the added delights of this trip to Portugal.

The capital of Portugal offers visitors a good combination of cultural landmarks steeped in history blended with contemporary landscapes and open spaces

These narrow streets are where you’ll find the beating heart of the city.  

The city juggles the relaxed feel of southern Europe with a weightier history and heritage, but it also has a youthful energy that seems to stem from the light.

The Bairro Alto area has the best nightlife because the streets in this quarter buzz from early afternoon to early morning.

If you visit Lisbon’s largest fresh food market – Mercado da Ribeira – you’ll discover there’s much more to the city’s cuisine than tinned sardines and custard tarts.

The best thing to do in Lisbon is to sit at the waterfront of Pra├ža do Comercio,  enjoy the sun and watch the boats go by.

Estoril - Cascias

Once a residence to royal family of King Luis in 18th century , these town are now colorful, refined and home to luxurious villas and golf courses .

The town has a famous casino, named as the largest in Europe.

You can step directly onto a beach, the seafood tastes ocean fresh and the sun shines for 300 days of the year. 


Today it attracts visitors from all over the world and should be ticked off your Lisbon to-do list.

It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is known to be Romanticist place holding 9 castle.

Pena National Palace that stands on the top of a hill , is a flamboyant complex that was commissioned by an artistic king who wished the building to represent that of an opera.

Each section of the exterior is individually styled with vivid colors and fine stone carvings.

Cafe de Paris is the iconic restaurant set in tourist location since 1920s.
Michelin guide has nominated this cafe , so you can imagine the star credentials it has got.

Sit back, order a glass of Porto wine and enjoy the dinner at Cascias harbor. If you want to go out later, visit one of the many bars or show up at casino Estoril before you head back to the hotel. Who knows you could win your next trip to Portugal !!


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  3. Beautiful place.. This diary we captured together..:)

    1. Thank you. Definitely one of the best places to travel.