Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Luxembourg : Not to be ignored anymore

Luxembourg is the reason we can today move freely in Europe from one country to other as part of Schengen area and is the joint capital of European union. Being landlocked by Germany, Belgium and France, the principality is Europe’s richest country, and a lot of the European institutions are based here.

Luxembourg is often ignored by travelers but it surely does not let you down. When businessmen leave, prices drop for accommodation over the weekend and it is perfect place to be.
The old historic town of Luxembourg is an amazing place to wander around. Enjoy spectacular views of the old city with its stone bridges across the river and the former fortress of the old city of Luxembourg.

Right in the middle of the city stands magnificent piece of architecture, Palais Grand Ducal, home to the Royal family. A Chocolate shop right opposite to this palace is a must for famous Hot chocolate drink.

The baroque-inspired Notre Dame cathedral has a magnificent main altar with a gilded statue of Mother Mary and is called "Crown of the old town"

One of the most defining experiences in Luxembourg is a visit to the Bock Casemates, the surviving portions of the old city defenses.
Barrio Grund, A part of the city known for its greenery and slow-moving lifestyle

Luxembourg city is charming combination of ancient and modern.Consider wandering the narrow streets to lose yourself among the tiny boutiques and cafes.

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